Do you see what I see?

How is it that two people (or more) can go to the same place at the same time and come back with markedly different pictures of the same thing?

Do we really see the world around us exactly the same way others do? Some of us don’t even see things the same through both eyes, for me it’s as if each eye has a different white balance, one eye sees “warm” while the other sees “cool.”

Why does it matter? Because we each see the world from a different perspective. If we embrace those differences, we can make better images.

On a recent trip, I visited Petra with several hundred other people. Most people come away from the site with a shot of the “Treasury” from different angles and perspectives. I was struck by the initial glimpse of the structure from a distance as a sliver of architecture between the two canyon walls.

This was a challenge to capture the way I visualized it. The final version, shown above, is a vertical panorama made from 6 landscape shots, all handheld with my 70-200 mm f2.8

As impressive as the architecture of Petra is, I was equally impressed by the work of nature in the colours and shapes that presented at each turn in our journey through the canyon.

Light playing on the canyon walls
Blast of colour
Reminiscent of a layer cake

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