Short cuts…

Just find a subject that’s cute or unusual.

  • Animals doing anything unexpected
  • Kids playing
  • Stuff you never expected



Pandas are easy.


Children, like this young lady in Saigon, make for compelling images.


This little girl was completely engrossed in chasing the giant soap bubbles that her mother was making for her in a park in China.


At the Esquimalt fun run, this young lady made a fashion statement.


Friends stick together in the race for the finish line at the fun run.


There are things you just don’t see every day, like this boat spinner near Hanoi.

Points to ponder

Reassess your image before you set up your tripod. We want to stay in the visualization stage as long as possible, at this stage options are endless or at least open ended. Once we set up a tripod we have started the image making stage and options decrease.

It is important to remember that there is no perfect composition, no perfect image. Our goal is to get as close to perfect as is possible by considering composition.

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